Group Profile

Pathway Group is a multifaceted conglomerate of various organizations with diversified interests in educational and developmental areas, providing strategic customized quality solutions at every stages of life, to the masses related to continuous sustained growth at the global platform, through focused research and development in various fields since 2001.

Pathway Group is dedicated to deliver the services in educational, developmental & real estate segment through its various group companies:

  1. Pathway Educational Services,
  2. Pathway Overseas Services,
  3. Pathway Placement Services,
  4. Pathway Publication Services
  5. Pathway Exhibitions & Conventions.

Pathway Educational Services Offers :

A) Educational Consultancy

  1. Career Mapping
  2. Aptitude Testing
  3. Career Guidance & Counselling
  4. Career Planning

B) Admission Consultancy

  1. Indian Admission
  2. Abroad Admission

C) Institutional Consultancy

  1. Consultancy for Project Development
  2. Consultancy for Institutions Development
  3. Consultancy for Institution Management
  4. Consultancy for Institutions Brand Development / Management
  5. Consultancy for Articulation Agreements

Achievement of Pathway Educational Services:

• Provided Information / Guidance / Counselling to more than 95000 Students.• Provided

admission Support to more than 18000 students from across India.

• We have offered coaching to more than 3500 students of various streams for

different Competitive / Entrance Exams with 60% success ratio.

• We represent more than 500 institutions from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka,

Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, M.P., Rajasthan, Delhi & NCR etc...

• We have 565 member in our network / associate of Educational consultants

• We are honoured to be the no. 1 Educational Company in India since 2006.

Pathway Overseas Services

Pathway Overseas Services founded in 2016, Second Dimension of Pathway Group. Services



Consultancy for Students & Individuals.

I) Study Abroad Consultancy

Institutional Consultancy

I) Consultancy for Recruitment of Students from International Education