B.Tech Admission in Delhi


Professional assistance at every step has been the stair of success for students and helps them to progress in future. With the opening of various courses, the choice for the right one has become a challenge for the young minds. We at pathway educational services guide and inform the students of different streams and levels for their bright future. The professional counsellors take counselling sessions to understand the interests of the students and provide them with solutions accordingly.

The team with rich knowledge in the field of engineering helps them in creating a career plan and guide them with steps which would lead them to their successful future. They update all the engineers about the latest developments in the field and information about the B.Tech Admission in Delhi and other cities. With various subdivisions in the engineering has confused the young technicians, as the best consultancy in Delhi they guide every engineering aspirant about perks of all the divisions and help the students in choosing the most appropriate one based on their interests and skills.


  1. To assist and analyze the interest and skills of the students
  2. To explore and investigate the potential courses
  3. Oversees service to guide the students in opting courses abroad
  4. Counsel the young minds to help them find their passion

The network of the educational consultancy has helped them to get all details related to the admission before the release; they update all the young technician and engineering aspirants about the B.Tech Admission in Delhi and also inform them about the fee structure, deadline and availability of applications. The team maps the best engineering universities rendering the course and reduces the effort of the students.  The guidance of the consultancy is not confined to schools and colleges but also helps and assists the senior engineers in job placements and update about the opportunities.

Pathway Education as best Engineering Admission Consultants is known to cover all aspects of career from planning, mapping to career guidance. Based on the capabilities, skills and knowledge of the student, the professionals help and guide the students to choose from the various engineering branches like- computer science, civil, mechanical, electronic etc. professionals also assist them further for post graduation courses in engineering. The guidance of the consultancy has helped many students to excel and progress in the field of engineering. To be in touch with the students they constantly update the students on message, calls and e-mail for checking their progress and assist them in case of any query.