Training is a process in order to change a human being's attitude, knowledge, skills and behavior. The term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. At Pathway Educational Services we provide "Training for Personal Excellence" to Students & Individuals and "Training for Institutional Excellence" to Educational Institutions.

Our Training for Personal Excellence has at its core the idea that you can always be more productive, more focused, more organized, more mindful, more content, healthier and better aware in your journey of personal development. Personal excellence training helps both on an individual level and at the business level as companies try to help their employees reach their potential.

While our Training for Institutional Excellence is focussed on administrators facing increasing demands to be more effective and accountable when managing their institution. We offer consulting and training to help colleges and universities – regardless of their student information and administrative systems – develop effective strategies for the future or for coping with the present.

Here's what sets us apart as the industry's most effective and rewarding trainer:

  • Carefully selected, highly trained instructors: Our instructors are the most experienced, best prepared and most resourceful mentors in the training industry. Averaging over 20 years of professional experience, they continue to work actively in the fields they teach, so you benefit from their extensive, real-world expertise.
  • Learn faster by doing: Our Active Learning method immerses you in intensive hands-on exercises, course activities and real-world simulations. The result? You learn faster and retain more.
  • Immediately applicable material: All our Courses are designed with the goal of making you even more productive by providing practical, relevant skills that you can apply on the job immediately.
  • Independent content: Content is developed without influence from service, hardware and software vendors. The result is a clear, unbiased presentation that focuses on accomplishing real tasks rather than taking you on an abstract tour of product features and vendor marketing points.
  • There's no comparison: Our Course participants consistently report that their Training gave them far more benefit and far greater value than any other training they experienced anywhere else.

Our strong team has been dedicated to meeting the professional development needs of people like you. Now, more than ever, superior management, leadership and interpersonal skills are critical to individual and organizational success. And it is equally critical to be able to apply those skills in complex, technology-intensive environments.