MD/MS Nepal


MD|MS In Nepal for Indian medica lstudents, who want to study MD/MS in Nepal courses after graduation must have to check Nepalese institutions for Higher Medical education. Nepal seems a feasible place to study MD or MS because there are few Medical Council of India recognized institutions in Nepal that offer MCI recognized MD/MS seats.

   Every year, thousands of successful medical practitioners, who completed the MBBS degree and one year of house training, apply for postgraduate study in India. However, very few become qualified to study MD or MS. Besides, Post Graduate Medical Admission rules and scenarios have changed alot. All admissions are provided only through entrance exams. So they choose to study abroad. For this year, MD/MS in Nepalis conducted through MECEE. Medical Education Commission Entrance Examination.

Medical Education Commission Entrance Exam (MECEE)

MECEE is an entrance examination conducted for providing admission in medical postgraduate courses in Nepalese MCI recognized institutes that are equivalent to NBE in India. MECEE is a common entrance examination through which institutes like B.PKoirala Institute of Health Sciences and Tribhuvan University-Institute of Medicine provide MD/MS admission in Nepal. Indian students have to appear for the MECEE examination to pursue MD/MS in Nepal.  Qualified students will get admission to various specialtiesatthe institution of their choice. MECEE is conducted by Nepal Medical Education Board.It is an online examination organized to provide admission among participating institutes across Nepal. It is held once a year. 


There are so many benefits especially for Indian students to take MD/MS admission in Nepal

  • MCI Recognized Seats- There are various MCI recognized institutions in Nepal that offer similarcourse curriculum and pattern as directed by the NBE in India. Institutes provide higher quality of education as per the need of students and modern requirements.
  • No Visa- Indian students do not need a visa or passport to study MD/MS in Nepal. Due to friendly relations among India and Nepal, Indian students don’t require any Visa for admission purposes.
  • Comfortable And Pleasing WeatherMedical university and institutes of Nepal provide a friendly environment at their campuses. In addition, their accommodation facility is also excellent. Hostels rooms are neat & clean and spacious.
  • Curriculum Almost Similar To MCIMD/MS course curriculum taught at Nepalese medical institutes are almost  similar to Indian pattern. The structure of courses are organized.
  • Quality Education- Nepalese  institutions deliver quality education to the students. Institutes are well equipped with modern learning and teaching facilities to provide an effective learning environment
  • No Language Barrier- there is no barrier of communication in Nepal among foreigners. They speak both English and Hindi. Nepalese citizens are familiar with Indian culture, food, lifestyle and language. Thus, Indian students will adapt the living style and culture of Nepal.
  • Connected With All Major Routes-Nepalese very well connected to Indian borders UP, Bihar, and west Bengal by bus. By air direct flight is available from Lucknow, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc.
  • Economical Living- Economical living is another factor that attracts Indian students pursuing post graduate courses in Nepal. No other national is as economical as Nepal for Indian Students.From the cost of study to living, food and accommodation,everything is pocket friendly in Nepal. 

MD/MS In Nepal Eligibility Criteria For Indian Student :-

  1. MBBS from any recognized university or any equivalent degree.
  2. Completion of one year internship mandatory.
  3. Candidates must be provincially registered with NMC for the study period in Nepal.
  4. Should have registration with the Medical Council in the respective country.
  5. Students must have passed MECEE PG entrance examination with minimum 50% marks.

Documents Required For MD/MS Admission In Nepal :-

  1. 10th and 12th marksheets and certificate, Original.
  2. Original MBBS Degree and certificate should be transcripts in Nepalese.
  3. Entrance Examination Admitcard of current year.
  4. Original certificate of registration with their respective medical council.
  5. Migration certificate.
  6. Conduct certificate.
  7. Citizenship certificate such as VoterID, passport, Adhaarcard, Domicile Certificate, etc.
  8. No Objection Letter issued by the Ministry of Health for MD/MS admission in Nepal if he/she has been working under the Ministry of Health.

Latest Notification

  • MECEE results have been released on the official website.
  • MECEE PG counselling will be held by the participating institutes separately.

Courses Offered For MD/MS In Nepal

MD (Doctor of Medicine) Branches In Nepal

  • MD Obstetrics&Gynaecology(Obstetrics Treat & Diagnosed for pregnant women & Gynecology deals with women’s health issues such as the uterus, ovaries, etc)
  • MD Neurology (treatment of human nervous system)
  • MD Ophthalmology (Treatment & Diagnosed related to Eye Disorders)
  • MD Anaesthesiology (Study related to different types of anesthesia)
  • MD Orthopedic  (Treatment of bones, joints, etc)
  • MD Cardiology (Treatment related to Heart disease)
  • MD Endocrinology (Treatment of hormones imbalances)
  • MD Generalmedicine (Study related to medicine)
  • MD Paediatric (Treatment-related to children’s health care)
  • MD Psychiatry (Mental disorder & Mentally ill)
  • MD Dermatology (Treatment & diagnosis related to skin, hair & nails, etc)
  • MD Radio-Diagnosis (X-ray, CTscan, etc.)
  • MD Pathology (Treatment of human disease)

      MS (Master Of Surgery) Branches In Nepal

  • MS Paediatric surgery (Surgery related to Children’s disease)
  • MS Plasticsurgery (reconstruction of a body part such as birthmark, burn etc)
  • MS Cardio-thoracic & vascular surgery (study related to Surgical method’s of lungs, organs etc.)
  • MS Cardiac surgery (surgery related to the Heart)
  • MS Cosmeticsurgery (surgery related to Reshaping body part such as nose etc)
  • MS ENT (Study or Surgery in ear nose & teeth)
  • MS Ophthalmology (Eye Surgeon or Surgery of Eye Disorder)
  • MS Gynaecology (Surgery related to women’s ovaries, uterus etc.)
  • MS Obstetrics (surgery related to women’s pregnant)
  • MS Orthopaedics( study or surgery related to human body joints, bones etc)

Institute Of Medicine, Kathmandu 


   Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu is are puted medical and health care institute in Nepal, regulated by Tribhuvan University.The institute was established with the ultimate objective of providing training in all categories in the health care sector and health related manpower required in Nepal. It was established in 1972. With in a decade of establishment, the institute developed and built 12 campuses across the country. Among these, 3 campuses are located in Kathmandu and 9 campuses are located out side the valley of Kathmandu.

IOM, Kathmandu MD MS Admission Process

Indian student’s desires to study MD/MS in Nepal at Maharajganj Medical Campus (Institute ofMedicine), in Kathmandu Valley have to meet the requirements to join the institute.

All admissions to this institute are selected purely based on merits. Earlier, PG admission were provided on the basis of the entrance examination conducted by the IOM-Tribhuvan University but now it is totally based on the scores and performance of MECEntrance Examination. Candidates must have to pass the examination to get admission in MD or MS courses.

1.  Qualifying in the common entrance exam MECEE is mandatory.

2.  No concession given to any students under any clause.

You can get more information about the admission at

Form Availability

Application forms for the courses will be available from 21st November 2021 on the official website of MECEE for the academic session 2021. The Deadline for filling applications is 26th December 2021. As mentioned earlier, students need not worry about approval by the Medical Council of India. These seats are approved by MCI.

MD/MS Branches



MS– Orthopedics

MD– Anesthesia

MD – Radio-DiagnosisMD– Dermatology



BP Koirala Institute Of Health Sciences,Dharan

BPKIHS, one of the reputed institutes in Nepal was established in 1993. In five years, the institutewas upgraded as HealthScience University(autonomous). The university committed towardsimproving healthcare workforce, social development, focusing on research, and providing health care services. The institute is named after the visionary leader of Nepal, Bisheshwar Prasad Koirala. BPKIHSinstitute envisaged a successful India – Nepal Co-operation. Health Ministers of both the countries have signd an agreement to establish BPKIHS. All post graduates programs are started in the year 1999. All the PG medical degrees offered by this university are duly recognized by Nepal Medical Council and related medical councils.

BPKIHS, Nepal MD MS Admission Process

Before the MEC Entrance Examination, the university conducts its own entrance exam for MD and MS.Separate exams are conducted for Indian students. However from year 2020 MECEE is a common entrance examination conducted by the Nepal Medical Education Board to provide MD/ MS in Nepal. Admission isprovided purely on the basis of merit, basis of the rank. Application form to entrance exam and admission isavailable in the month of September every year. The entrance exam is conducted in the month of October every year.


Application Form

Application forms for the courses will be available from 21st November 2021 on the official website of MECEE for the academic session 2021. The Deadline for filling applications is 26th December 2021. As mentioned earlier, students need not worry about approval by the Medical Council of India. These seats are approved by MCI.

Offered Branches


MS – General Surgery

MS– Orthopedics

MD– Anesthesia

MD – Radio-Diagnosis

MD– Dermatology



MD – Pediatrics