International Governments Solutions

We, have considerable understanding of our customer's business. We have attempted to leverage our knowledge and expertise, in specific areas, through aligning some of our core capabilities to business needs of our customers. While education management remains our strength, we have realized the need to appreciate and understand the business needs of our customers and use education management to effectively fulfill those needs.

With the expansion of the consulting capability within Pathway, we have been successful in moving closer to our goal of bridging the Education – Strategy gap and in developing industry specific point solutions.

Solutions for Various International Governments

We are focused on helping various countries governments and international institutions at all levels drive in increasing organizational performance and build strong education capacity.

Our professionals have helped various governments’ education departments and management of various institutions to transform the budgets, operations, technology and educational programs. We provide a full complement of management and technical solutions. Various Government’s Education Department, Colleges and universities come to us when they need to:

  • Respond to global competition
  • Create a strategic position
  • Develop fresh vision and leadership
  • Measure and improve performance
  • Improve competitive positioning and declining revenues
  • Improve obsolete facilities and approaches to facilities planning
  • Create facilities and technologies for 21st Century learning
  • Improve antiquated and poorly integrated technologies
  • Re-align people, resources, and programs with customer needs
  • Manage anxiety over change and the inability to change rapidly
  • Unlock isolated innovation, inability to leverage innovation enterprise-wide
  • Overcome ineffective strategic planning
  • Counter the effects of rapidly rising costs, facing an apparently unsolvable, intractable problems
  • Build communities of practice and peer-to-peer solutions
  • Develop new technologies and practices
  • Implement and leverage educational technologies in an effective way
  • Fuse community, learning, knowledge, and performance for advanced e-learning solutions
  • Acquire industry thought leadership

Pathway Academic Resource Pvt. Ltd assists various governments and for-profit and non-profit higher education clients across the developing and developed nations around the world to implement long-term, sustainable and measurable change. Our professionals help management to transform the budgets and operations of many notable higher education institutions.

Solutions for State Government & Central Government – Providing Scope for Growth; Navigating Change; Supporting Central, State and Local efforts.

With a dedicated team of experienced management and consulting practitioners, Pathway Academic Resource Pvt. Ltd is uniquely positioned to assist state and local governments in solving complex issues and implementing innovative solutions to reduce costs and provide better qualitative education to students in urban & rural. Our professionals – qualified experts with an average of 15 to 20 years of experience – bring a unique combination of top-tier strategy consulting skills, organizational restructuring experience, and practical industry expertise to every client situation. The majority of our consultants and leadership team have spent their careers focused on providing a broad range of management and technical consulting services for various customers including state and local governments. Our consultants look forward to work on some of the largest and most complex government implementations and systems in the nation and half our firm specializes in assisting with the implementation of administrative applications within government environments.