Career Guidance

Career Counseling is the process of understanding and providing solutions to the candidate who are not able to decide what career to choose, with the help of professional career counselor and based on that understanding career counselor explores the various career options available to students, with the help of psycho-socio tools and analysis i.e. Aptitude Testing, Interest Analysis and Personality factors.

Our career counseling advisors spend adequate time with the students to assess their interests, personality, values and skills and help them explore various career options. The primary purpose of career counseling is to help the students learn how to explore and investigate potential courses to pursue and take up related vocation so that success in career and life is ensured.

Selection of career path is one of the extreme important decisions everyone has to take.

Career Counseling generally focuses on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues. Typically when people come for career counseling they know exactly what they want to get out of the process, but are unsure about how it will work and Career counseling is the process of helping the candidates to select a course of study that may help them to get into job or make them employable.

Career Counselors do Career Counseling to “help people find their Passion", choose the right career and appropriate course to suit their attitude, identify their values, aspirations and goals, and the scope of a course or career in India or Abroad.