Aptitude Tests

Aptitude Tests are standardized career tests that can help you make a natural career choice based on your strong aptitudes. At Pathway we use a unique tool called “Mindsmarts” to measure your abilities. “Mindsmarts” is a combination of IQ test, Aptitude test, Interest test and Personality test. It gives a comprehensive report of your skills and abilities.

The Aptitude Tests focus upon your analytical and abstract reasoning with reference to your verbal, numerical and spatial abilities. They are used to predict your future performance for leadership, mechanical, clerical, engineering, medical and other specific fields.

An objective form of career counseling is through an Aptitude test, or a career test. Aptitude tests usually provide a list of recommended jobs that match the test takers attributes. It also provides an insight and information about which jobs may be suitable for the individual based on the combination of their interests, values and skills. It makes you aware of your strengths and weakness (abilities, skills and talents).

There is no harm in looking at the possible alternatives and for that the first and the foremost aspect to be considered and understood is the ‘Aptitude’ of the person concerned who has to make a career choice.